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Verified by independent laboratories, and supported by scientific research.


By Independent Labs
  • Product authenticity
  • Heavy metal content
  • Yeast, Mold, Coliforms
  • Microorganism levels
  • Nutritional content


By Scientific Research
  • Peer reviewed
  • Animal & human studies
  • In Vitro (test tube)
  • Academically led
  • Cutting-edge

A Scientific Approach to Nutritional Supplementation

High quality nutritional supplements, independently verified by third party laboratories, supported by the latest scientific research.

It’s often difficult to determine whether a nutritional supplement is genuine, how pure it is, which grade it is, whether its tainted with dangerous amounts of heavy metals or bacteria, and if it’s even intended for human consumption. Most retailers rarely publish any kind of independent lab tests. In the absence of such tests, quality and safety is simply unknown, posing significant risks for end users.

When considering any PlantPills product, you’re able to view our independent lab tests, so you know the product is genuine, high quality, and comprehensively tested, verified and certified by independent third-party laboratories.
We also provide references to the available scientific research, enabling clients to make informed decisions based on science, rather than muddying the waters with outlandish theoretical claims.

Our Products

plantpills nmn powder

NMN Powder

Shown to boost NAD+ and reverse several markers of age-related degeneration in mice.

plantpills trans resveratrol powder

Trans-Resveratrol Powder

Increases telomere length in human cells, indirectly activates the “longevity” sirtuin enzyme SIRT1.

plantpills gold standard shilajit paste

Shilajit Paste

Was used to enhance physical and mental performance of Olympic athletes and special forces.

PlantPills Spirulina Tablets and Powder


Nature's multivitamin: the most concentrated and nutritious whole food known to science.

PlantPills Chlorella Tablets and Powder


The perfect whole food, packed with nutrients needed by every human body, in near-perfect ratios.

plantpills wheatgrass juice powder

Wheatgrass Juice Powder

Independently verified, ancient grain, field grown, juiced and dried at low temperatures.

PlantPills Whole-Food Spermidine

Whole-Food Spermidine

Large study found a diet rich in spermidine has an increased survival rate equivalent to 6 years.


PlantPills Trace: Safety and Authenticity Verification July 25, 2021

PlantPills Trace: Safety and Authenticity Verification

We’re delighted to announce the implementation of PlantPills Trace, a system that bridges the physical

spermidine tablets and powder September 17, 2020

PlantPills launch Whole-Food Spermidine Tablets and Powder

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Whole-Food Spermidine Tablets and Powder, independently

PlantPills Spirulina and Chlorella Powders September 6, 2020

PlantPills launch Spirulina and Chlorella powders

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Spirulina and Chlorella powders to complement

plantpills shilajit January 16, 2020

PlantPills launch Gold Standard Shilajit Paste in the UK

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Gold Standard Shilajit Paste. Shilajit is